ManufacturerMakeModelDescriptionProduct info linkPower (off)Power (standby/idle)Power (Peak)Power (Full/Max/High)lowPower (medium)photo filenameMeasured withtheoreticalNotes

the holmes groupPattonU2-2003fan0314171-176129-132141-144kaw

Palmtreo 600 travel charger1 - 2kaw

altec lansingacs90speakers01kaw

casioexilimca-28 usb cradle0kaw

samsungMW5370Wmicrowave01306-1320kaw1.2kwmanufactured 3/97

Nighthawk900-0058carbon monoxide sensor1 to 2kaw60mA


canons330printer02207 to 15kawstartup 4-7

Auroraas501x-msshredder AS501-421 Cross-Cut Paper Shredder075-77kaw1.5a

MicrosoftXBox 3601-2162145 (project gotham racing intro)

FujitsuScansnapduplex document scanner22825 (scanning)6 (sleep mode)17 (paper in)KAW

DellInspiron600Mlaptop 1.6ghz Pentium M, 100GB 5400 rpm hard drive, 15" SXGA+ screen, 1GB RAM123-56 (playing xvid compressed video)66 (turning on from hibernate, frozen)

Dell2001FP20" lcd monitor3942 (playing vga video full screen)29 (turning on)

LandiceCardio TrainerL8Big treadmill212 - 1346-48 (0.5mph no load)51-151 (0.5mph 225lb load walking)113-123 (3mph no load 113-123)119-457 (225 lb load)200-209 (6mph 200-209 no load)220-590 (6mp 225lb load)518-923 (9mp 225lb load)342-356 (9mp no load)

BoseWave Radio16 (volume on but no sound from aux in)39 (bass spikes)6 (volume 47 aux in)8-11 (volume 47 playing CD)6-14 (volume 80 aux in)15-23 (volume 80 playing CD)6-8 (volume 47 fm radio)15-23 (fm volume 80)

MicrosoftXBoxoriginal46850 - 55

CanonEOS1Dsdigital slr camera1 - 218 (continuous fast shooting)8 (writing to card or slow shooting)

SeagateBarracuda7500.10 (500GB) plugged in through firewire bridge with power supply436 (turning on)15

Windchaser PACR9 (SA12059 WA9000-ER)Portable air conditioner 9000BTU868-906

LaskoE2073920" box fan80 (starting up)76-775742

SonyHDR-HC10-16 (recording to firewire)10 (charging battery)5 (playing back from tape)6 (high speed fast forward)

Dell 2000FP20" lcd monitor3350 (windows desktop)47 (3d flower box screensaver mostly black screen)45-47 playing hidef video (prison break 2x01 720p) 41-42 (almost entirely black screen)

ShoretelSoundstation IP 100IP Phone (actually manufactured by polycom)2 (speakerphone)2 (in call)1-2 (starting up)

Dell5110CNColor Laser Printer3 (standby)103819 (on but not printing)400-1000 (printing single sheet)